The Boy from Ipanema
This week's Tale comes to us from Brazil. My brother, Kaya, is in the middle of a South American backpacking journey. The photos were taken during the 1st half of his journey and sent back to the US.

Macho Macho Man

Well, hello there....

Before I get into my whole, "I'm in Brazil, I'm so Cool, I wear my underwear inside-out to save money on washing, yadda, yadda..." I wanted to ask how you are doing.

As most of the people reading this are in prison, simply let me know how the food is, what you are "benching," or if any new books have come in. If you one of the folks on parole or awaiting trial, please tell me how things are outside the 'joint.' Feel free to embellish if nothing interesting has Happened, e.g. "I have been chosen to represent Papua New Guinea in all Equestrian events in the next Olympics," or "I designed new sequined outfits for my break dance team," or, "I figured out a way to eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast." (Oh wait, 'Cookie Crisp'...never mind.) Thanks, you're good people.

Okay, since I last wrote, here are some highlights: (recommended highlight music: That one popular Herbie Hancock song, or "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun")


Prehensile Tales wants to give Kaya a 'noogie'

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