Ice, Ice, Baby
I'm a bit confused about ice.
Specifically, the bags you buy at the liquor store labeled: "Party Ice."

How does this differ from regular ice? My understanding was that there is a pretty strict recipe for ice. What is different about Party Ice? Is it "spiked" in some way?

I find I often decide against buying a bag of Party Ice even when I truly need some frozen cubes. All I really need is regular ice. "Party ice" is a lot of pressure. I feel like I should pick up around the house and have hors dourves ready. My plans are generally much more mundane. I just need something to cool my drink.

Usually I don't have the energy to Party. But sometimes, after a particularly rousing episode of Melrose Place, I'll fill the bathtub with 12 or 13 bags and just writhe around in it. At those special times, the whole, "Party Ice" label all makes sense.

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