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How it works:

1) meet in the Lounge at 7:30pm on Thanksgiving. Brag about how much Turkey (or soy-based Turkey substitute) you ate.

2) The order of thumbnail images along the bottom frame will determine the order that we are sitting around the "table."

3) We'll start on the left and (in the chat room) share what we are thankful for. (If you have a lot to say, you may want to have it typed out in advance in another window. Then just copy and paste to save time.)

Questions? email: Halcyon@DigitalIntimacy.com



Video from last year's Grace (Halcyon's Perspective)

Virtual Grace is another Digital Intimacy project along the lines of HugNation.com

The Digital Grace Video Lounge is powered by CitizenX.com. To have your video image seen in the bottom frame, you must be logged in (membership is free.)


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