Last week, Jay Leno mentioned Globalgasm in his opening monologue on The Tonight Show. He said something like:

" There is a guy in San Diego who is starting something called Global Orgasm. He thinks we can radiate good energy if we all come together."

Well, he gets the gist of it.

This week's Tale is not funny (then again, neither is Jay, heh), but since tonight is Globalgasm, it seems approproate. It is a guest-written "Tattle Tale" by MissM.

1) The Starting Point.

The universe is amazing. Here you are sitting… perceiving. Your soul dancing within your skin, ideas past, present and future living within you. Your body holding your senses in the physical space you inhabit. Your soul carrying your consciousness through space and time to me, and the mental space I inhabit.


We are all made of star stuff, or as a chemist points out, made of the same elements of stars, and trees, and rocks and comets. There is an energy which binds each elemental atom in a collection that is you, and me, and trees and rocks and comets.

When you focus your attentions on your sister in Idaho, you send a wee bit of the energy that is you to her… in Idaho. You may notice it and do it consciously, or you may not, she may notice it and smile or call you just say "I'm thinking of you.", or she may not. In either case, an energy transfer is happening. And it is yours.

When you join us the first of each month, you are sending your energy to every living elemental atomic collection, to the universe.

2) The Destination.

Each month we will be posting a new "theme" a new aspect to focus on (a fetish, a body part, a costume idea, ???) This theme can be your starting point. What does it mean to you? What thoughts, feelings, visualizations, perceptions are raised?

Write a few down, mull them over… want more imput?
Post to the message boards, copy and paste them into your favorite search engine, talk to your partner(s), talk to your friends, talk to your kids.
Talk to your partner(s).
Talk to your lover(s).
Give yourself some time to get to know you a little better. Choose your destination.

3) Getting Ready.

Create your safe space, put away the dinner dishes, close all your other applications, take the kids a friend's house, let the dog out, lock the door, turn off the phone.

Get comfy, turn off the lights, spark some candles, play that groovy music. Prep your area, set out your cleaned and sterile toys, log on to Foreplay, lay out a towel, lube, condoms, slip in your diaphragm, put on your lingerie.

Think about a planet of lovers. Of loving spirits and lusty bodies, of happy and healthy adults exploring their bodies and sharing their energy with you.

4) Go Global.

Whether you are online visually, online verbally, off line entirely… go Global. Know that you are part of love. Focus your attentions to a world of peace, of tolerance, of support and respect, of diversity and change.


Share the beauty and pleasure that moves through you. The (G)god(s) have blessed you with each sensation you explore. Every motion made with love, in love, for love is yours by creation, and shared by all people through the world.


Each blissful feeling sent with intention come together in our space of love, and grow with each sensation, becoming stronger and greater than any alone.

Together we are bringing love to the world with a power of Globalgasm.

Thank you for coming.