Weekly Radio Show
Every Wednesday @5pm
(San Diego time)
I do an hour call-in radio show.

IMG2.com broadcasts it while CitizenX.com streams my butt.

We do the show naked1

It's a call-in show so give me a ring!!

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Archived Shows

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Ramble in TheRealHouse

{November 15, 2000}

Elections, Erections

{November 08, 2000}

Erotic Masquerade Stories

{November 01, 2000}

Ramble in TheRealHouse

{October 18, 2000}

Karin Taylor call-in

{October 11, 2000}

I'm a Swinger, Baby

{October 04, 2000}

Olympics Suck Because...

{September 27, 2000}

Negative Press

{September 20, 2000}

Sexual Techniques

{September 13, 2000}

Post-Burning Man

{September 06, 2000}

BJ's While Driving

{August 23, 2000}

Genital Grooming / Naked New Years

{August 16, 2000}

What is Cheating?

{August 09, 2000}


{August 2, 2000}

Phone Sex

{July 26, 2000}

Naked and Luuuvin' it (Halcyon #3)

{July 12, 2000}

Naked and Luuuvin' it (Halcyon #2)

Naked and Luuuvin' it (Halcyon #1)
{June 28, 2000}

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Plus you can visit my CitizenX Spot and watch my cam while the show is going on...it'll be like live TV!

*the original IMG2 interview with me is here.