Nietzsche said something like,
"The only God I could believe in would be a dancing God."
I'd add to that. He better have a sense of humor, too. I'm pretty sure that God dances and laughs.

So it is with that thought that I present this week's Tale.
It's a 400K downloadable Flash Movie version of the infamous "Why Easter Sucks Eggs" Tale.

It has a little fun with Christian iconography, but please don't think it is any sort of *actual* comment on Christianity.
It is merely a dabbling in the absurd.

So, that said, send this to every Christian you know.
We'll start a new Easter tradition.
We'll have a laugh. Then we'll dance.
God would want us to.
download PC Version
Download PC Version
easter2000.exe (380k)

download MAC Version
Download MAC Version easter2000.hqx (570k)

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