The Vet said Fred had

impacted bowels. She ordered a stool softener, prescription cat food, and, to get things moving along again right away, she gave Fred an enema.

Fred seemed to feel better immediately after leaving the vet. He had been blocked up for almost a week! Unfortunately, he soon became blocked up again. Back to the vet we went, and Fred got another enema. This same routine played itself out for the next few weeks. Fred would get blocked up, I would take him in for a "cleansing" and he would be okay for a few days, only to bind up again. It became apparent that Fred wasn't getting any better. The vet discussed the possibility of surgery. Meanwhile, the weekly enema bills were starting to pile up. It was costing me 15 bucks a week to get my cat flushed out!

I wasn't sure whether to put Fred through an operation, especially since the Doctor said he might not get any better anyway. We also discussed the possibility of me giving Fred his enemas at home, instead of having the Doctor do it. The Vet instructed me in the correct method for administering an enema to a cat. She told me to get a ready-to-use mineral oil enema at the drug store.

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