We sat there huddled against the side of the truck, trying to avoid the brunt of the dust storm's blasts.

The world of the last week was gone from the landscape.
Our neighbors on all sides were gone.
The towering wooden man was gone from the horizon
Our 'Vibe Hive' shade structure, MissM's orange-curtained stage, Ben's amazing light garden, the dozen or so tents of our fellow campmates, and all remnants of the once-mighty Lustmonkeys were gone…all broken down, packed up, and leaving no trace.

It was there, looking down at the dirt that covered my exposed belly, in the weak wind cover of the remaining 24 foot truck, that I realized the significance of "Surrender."

So much of the Burning Man experience happens when you allow yourself to surrender.

I am covered in dirt. I have cheese, bread, and water to keep me alive. Wet naps have served as my showers. I am wearing a pink boa in my hair that matches my fabulous skirt ensemble. We are missing keys.

Everything is going according to Plan.

I enjoyed a period of dust-encrusted Zen until something occurred to me:
To drive into Gerlach meant that I would have to dress "appropriately." I've been enjoying the breezy goodness of skirts for the past week…to put on a pair of pants would be torturous!

The universe clearly was testing me. The challenge of dressing normal felt momentarily insurmountable.

Then a familiar car pulled up to camp.
It was Ladybug and Aaron. With the keys to the Truck.
HALLELUYAH!!! "The lord has saved me from the pits of normalcy! I can live to wear my skirt another day!!"