Millionaire Bruce Wayne indicted on statutory rape, sodomy, and conspiracy charges.

GOTHAM - The commissioner's office issued a statement this morning confirming that Bruce Wayne, AKA "The Bat Man" is in custody. Wayne allegedly would seduce young boys and convince them to dress up in brightly colored tights and costumes. Wayne would refer to his frequent houseguests as his, "Wonder Boys" or "Boy Wonder." He said in a statement issued to the press he would often employ neighborhood children to "…assist me on projects or just help me carry my tool belt" he said in a statement. In a bizarre twist, a spokesperson for the Commissioners office said, "The black Neoprane suit Wayne was wearing when apprehended is typical of that found in the S&M bondage community." The butler, Alfred, is also being held…

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Prehensile Tales looks good in tights and a cape.

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