Amsterdam's red light district feels "otherworldly." Prostitutes are on display in shop windows, presented like the new fall line at The Gap. Except, instead of mannequins in cargo pants, they are living women, blacklight-lit in glowing lingerie.

Sex shops line the streets. The number of "adult book stores" seems totally excessive, like Starbucks is in the US. Do we need that many choices for where to buy a dildo? Drug dealers dot every corner and aggressively push the harder drugs not found in the coffee shops.

It can be an experience that shocks the system.

To some, I bet *my* life seems "Other worldly."
I think my wacky life of late is affecting my experience in Amsterdam. Have I pushed my life too far? Have my experiences left me callused?

Or am I just lucky to be living the things that serve as system jolts for *other* people?


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