what IS this?
What is Prehensile Tales?
Pt is a digital home for my phallic-centric ramblings. If I don't purge these thoughts online, they pop up in everyday conversations and get me in trouble. You'd be amazed how quickly a family gathering gets awkward when you mention "plastic fuck dolls."

Who are you?
Why, I am Halcyon.

How often is PT updated?
I put a new Tale up every Monday.

What are "Tales"?
Tales are stories/gags/parodies/whatever that are short enough to read while your boss isn't looking and funny enough to make you piss your pants.

Okay, then what is "prehensile"?
Prehensile is a word meaning "adapted for seizing or grasping" It is usually used to describe a monkey's prehensile tail. Now, I spell it "prehensile tales" so it means, "stories that'll grab ya"
The guys at the zoo all thought it was very clever.

Are you gay?
I'm a political bisexual. I would have sex with a man. I just haven't found one I'm attracted to yet. Woman, on the other hand, leave me dizzy.

What is
Cockybastard is the sister site that provides a peek inside my mental panties. It is an online halfway house for essays and pictures too raw or revealing for Prehensile Tales.

Between the two, you'll get to know me all too well.

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