Thanks, its good to be back. A month in Thailand twiddles with the ol' noggin.

It was hot. It was breathtaking. It was rank. It was muddy. It was exhilarating. It was sweaty. It was green. It was poorly lit. It was thriving.

It felt like sunshine. It smelled of urine. It was packed with ceiling fans. It lacked soap. It tasted like exhaust. It itched.

And although I had all the banana pancakes I could ever need, I was without my computer.

A month is a long time for me to be without my computer. I mean, I'm a single guy. Very single. My computer is the closest thing I have to a significant other.


So being without my baby was a serious hardship. But I got no sympathy from the Thais. Some hosts they are!

"You think you got it so bad? With your aluminum-siding shanty, fly-hazed food, and garbage-soiled life? What about ME? I haven't checked e-mail for 3 weeksI'm talking about real suffering!!!"


But I am being unfair. The picture was not so bleak on the white-sanded islands , away from Bangkok's Exhaust Fume Hell.

There were exquisite moments:

thailand scene
  • Island-framed sunsets
  • Disneyland quality snorkeling
  • Childrens' eyes of isolated wonder
  • $3 / hour Thai Massage
  • Fellow Travelers' Tales
  • Floral and Fauna-a-go-go
  • And of course, witnessing the misunderstood women of Patpong, Bangkok. This Tale should help clear things up.



Thanks for bearing with us in my absence. Prehensile Tales will now resume its "New Tale Every Monday" policy. We will also resume our "No pants after 3pm" policy.


I'd love to hear from you,



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