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Gee your hair smells terrific!
The cream of the crop in online humor:

half empty
Flash stick-figure porn.

They've got their finger on the rectal pulse of America

His Foreigner's Guide to America is among the funniest things on the net.

The Onion
So alluring. The only place on the net funnier than funny as Prehensile Tales.

Bumpin Uglies (at Todd Levin isn't afraid to throw around the word, "handjob."

This site explores the age-old connection between hallucinogens and puppets.

Features essays like "Today I went to the Aquarium" and "Lick My Literary Ass, You Vile Fucks!"

Brunching Shuttlecocks
"comedy, pure and simple as a hammer to the forebrain"

B.Fat and Lazy's Movie Reviews.
Make sure you read their disclaimer page.

Joe Cartoon
Sick Flash animations.
Quality Shit. Every day.

sites that inspire me.

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