Freeway On Fire

12.14.98 12:14am
There was a gnarly tanker truck crash/explosion on the freeway in front of my house an hour and a half ago at 10:40pm or so. It is crazy and I may have to evacuate. (probably not, but cops said, they're not sure yet if the second tank is gonna explode.)

I swear the flames were *at least* 150 feet high. I went on the roof of my building and got a good view of the freeway. It was incredible. Flames so huge I couldn't comprehend the implications. I've never seen flames that big. Am I in danger? Do I need to pack my stuff? evacuate immediately? Should I grab a camera? Call my mom? Am I viewing an incredible spectacle from a safe distance or are we all gonna die? Can I enjoy this? Or panic?

I put my finger to my neck to feel my pulse. My whole body was shaking. I was seriously jacked up on adrenaline. Somebody ask me to lift a car.

The street in front of my house filled with people. Everyone pressed against the chain link fence above the freeway embankment.

Some of my neighbors started filling their cars with their valuables. My 2 closest neighbors are sleeping elsewhere tonight.

Kinda scary.

It's been over an hour now. I'm feeling safer.

Maybe I'll be able to fall asleep soon.
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