Fat Tuesday Parade:

The parade is in the gaslamp district (5th Ave Downtown) and you should get there about 9pm. Our float alone has 2500 sets of beads to throw out and 100 candy necklaces. Thanks to Paul Basile of Basile Gallery and Furniture Design for organizing the float. The streets should be packed. And there'll be a kickin' party afterwards at Basile Gallery on Island. If you're in town, give us a little support as we drive by...I hope we're not behind the "Hooters" float.

E-mail me if you need more info. -back-

Does this dress make my butt look fat?

Seriously, it's only a special occasion thing...Halloween and Parades, mostly...although I do have a bumper sticker on my car that a friend gave me that says, "REAL MEN WEAR MAKEUP"

Prehensile Tales isn't homosexual...not that there's anything wrong with that.

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