Welcome to Prehensile Tales.
 'prehensile' means 'adapted for seizing or grasping.
 e.g. Monkeys have prehensile tails.

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Jan sent me a card with a photo of a drawbridge. The caption: "when fully erect...it would stop traffic."


Someone suggested I make it clearer which links are things *by* me and which ones were outside links.

How about if a link is something "Halcyon-related" it'll have: next to it....Would that work? The other links are things I'm surfing.


I don't know where this came from, but it's the funniest photo I've seen in a LONG time. That boy is THE MACK. (click image to see larger version 50K)

Huge thanks to a reader who sent me a porn video with the scarriest title I've seen since, "Yank My Doodle it's a Dandy"
"Young, Dumb, and Full of Cum." It's a family film, I think.

the {fray} shop is open. And a certain cocky bastard is the cover model. (wearing a tea-cosy, I might add!)


People kept saying my signature green hat looked like a Tea Cosy. Now I get it.

I'm looking forward to Pixar's upcumming Adult Toy Story.

The Supreme Court is deciding if buck naked dancing is covered under freedom of expression. Why wasn't I contacted as an expert witness!?

For the alchoholic geek in all of us, there's Project E.U.N.U.C.H.
Attempting to reach extreme processor speeds using various intoxicating beverages as cooling fluid (i.e. vodka-kooled 486 running at 237 MHz) Thanks gus.


Remember the Simpsons' Pulp Fiction parody? Apparently, they coulda pushed it much farther.


Put up a new Burning Man image on the splash page and slightly modified the layout of this page.

The change allows me to UPDATE DAILY! I'm excited to the point of blood redistribution.

Bookmark this page.

For those of you who thought the earthquakes and airplane crashes weren't convincing-enough signs of the apolocalypse...*I* was allowed to address a college classroom.

Yup. This week's Tale is the transcript of my chat with the University Of New Mexico's Intro to Professional Writing class. There will be a quiz afterwards.

Something must have happened to the water supply. This is the third Halcyon Cam essay in a week.

Goodness. A school trip to Amsterdam sounds delish! And no need to pretend you're going for the culture with www.CannabisTravel.com

If watching the Halcyon Cam has become intrusive...consider Halcyon Addicts Anonymous.

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