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 'prehensile' means 'adapted for seizing or grasping.
 e.g. Monkeys have prehensile tails.

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Halcyon Sniglet:
  • Someone who is exceptionally skilled at pleasuring themselves:


It's Veteran's Day. Thank you.

As one page pointed out today: "Ich verprügele den Fallhammer in ernsthaftem!" is how you'd have to say "I am spanking the monkey in earnest!" had Hitler won.

Wow. This is an arts and crafts project that I could get into. I wonder if PETA would be upset?

Check these japanese ads with odd products and celebrity Sell Outs.


I heard a radio ad this morning:
"If you haven't seen, Get Real, you don't know what you're missing!"
No duh. I think the same could be true for most things.

Childhood just got better: the Hello Kitty vibrator


So my dad points this out the other night night:

Television is a free service. Supported by revenue from ads.

It’s starting to run internet ads for sites such as HotBot, also a free service supported by ads.

Hot Bot has ads for many other sites that are free services supported by ads.

It’s like a whole economic system built on a foundation of smoke and mirrors.


Oh, lordy. The Turkish stud reaches a messy climax with "Mahir Gets Funky".


Updated an old Tale with a new Flash animation: Skydive

This was inspired by my 25 brave co-workers who went skydiving today. I did *not* go. Why? Read the Tale

Got this via pager and it made me smile: "you honor natural divinity, and inspire loyality to goodness. Who knows, maybe the cab driver's wife was pregnant...."

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