Think twice before buying from Auction Warehouse!!!
It may not be your best, "bid."

August 4, 1998
My Name is John Halcyon Styn. I'm a web guy.

So, I bought a new, super-cool 400MHz computer from an online auction at Auction Warehouse. I work for an E-commerce company, so I feel pretty damn safe making purchases over the net.

After spending 2 weeks setting it up, it died. A horrible disk-drive screeching crash. Luckily I was able to back-up my work.

They just sent it back with a brand new clean-slate hard drive. They did a great job sending it back in a timely manner, but there was no note explaining what was done.
And the video card was not correctly inserted into its slot. I had to take off the hood and put it in myself.

Which leads me to believe that it was never tested. Just replaced a part and sent back. Hard to say, though. There was no note.

Damn. I don't want to start installing everthing again and then have it sputter out in a week.

So I called today to figure out exactly what work was done on it. The receptionist told me that the person who did the repairs is no longer with the company. They'll research and call me back.

I asked for an email for cust service. None. I asked for any email address of the company. "There are none that I know of."
Can I speak to a supervisor?
"They're all in meetings."

Now, it is very possible that this company is doing everything possible to remedy my situation. I could be smiling and happy by tomorrow. But until my fears are eased, I'd hold off on any purchases from Auction Warehouse.

Feel free to email me if you have additional questions about (or personal experiences pertaining to) this purchase adventure.

-John Halcyon Styn